Muškát žltý, r. 2021, CHOP, 0,75 l

Lovers of exceptional wines, beware! We have a real gem for you straight from the Tokaj region. We present to you the unique wine J&J Ostrožovič Muscat yellow, vintage 2021, with a protected designation of origin. This wine will win you over with its charming color and unmistakable aroma, which will transport you directly to the sun-drenched vineyards of Tokaj.

Let yourself be carried away by the intense fruity-floral to herbal aroma of this wine, which evokes the perfect harmony of limes, gooseberries and grapefruits, colored by fine nutmeg and a drop of meadow honey. At the very first sniff, you will know that you are holding something special in your hands, which will delight your senses and satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.

Imagine enjoying a glass of this gem with your loved ones or on a special occasion. With each sip, exotic fruit flavors dance on your tongue, refreshed by the pleasant acidity characteristic of Yellow Muscat. Experience an unforgettable taste experience that will leave you with a medium-long but intense impression. This wine is like your ticket to the world of elegance, pleasure and excellence.

Don't miss the opportunity to get this limited edition J&J Ostrožovič Yellow Muscat, r. 2021, PDO in a 0.75 l bottle. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a gift they will remember. By buying this wine, you also support a small family winery that puts its heart and passion into every bottle. Order it today and let yourself be carried away by the charm of the Tokaj vineyards right in your home. Experience perfection with every sip!

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Category: Abbrevio collection
Winery: J & J Ostrožovič
Variety: Yellow Muscat
Color: Biele
Prívlastok: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 11,36 %
Sugariness at harvest: 18 °NM
Natural residual sugar: 11,7 g/l
Acids: 8,4 g/l
Area: Tokaj , Slovenská republika
Vineyard: Chotár
Bottle volume: 0,75 l
Muškát žltý Kolekcia Abbrevio CHOP r. 2021
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J&J Ostrožovič Muscat yellow, r. 2021, PDO, 0.75 l

Discover the charm of Tokaj in every sip of this exceptional yellow Muscat from the J&J Ostrožovič family winery . This wine, created with love and passion for tradition and craftsmanship, will enchant you with its uniqueness and distinctive character.

As soon as you put the glass to your nose, you will be enveloped by the intoxicating aroma of citrus, which combines the freshness of limes, the pungency of gooseberries and the juiciness of grapefruits. A subtle touch of nutmeg and meadow honey is discreetly hidden in the background, which complete the complexity and depth of the aroma.

When this liquid treasure touches your mouth, your taste buds will experience an explosion of exotic fruits . The refreshing taste with the pleasant acidity typical of yellow Muscat will transport you to the sun-drenched vineyards of Tokaja . The medium-long finish is the harmonious climax of this unforgettable experience.

Treat yourself to the pleasure of this noble drink , which is the embodiment of the terroir of Slovak Tokaj and the mastery of winemakers from J&J Ostrožovič . Every sip is an ode to life, joy and the pleasure of small moments.

Why choose J&J Ostrožovič Yellow Muscat?

  • The wine comes from fertile Tokaj vineyards managed with love and respect for nature
  • The grapes are processed using the most modern technologies, including controlled fermentation, to achieve the highest quality
  • The family winery J&J Ostrožovič has the longest tradition in Slovak Tokaj and is a guarantee of quality and authenticity
  • An exceptional fruity-floral aroma and refreshing taste with the unmistakable character of Yellow Muscat
  • An ideal wine for adding variety to an ordinary day, for sitting with friends or as a gift for lovers of Tokaj wines


Discover Tokaj with J&J Ostrožovič: Wine, Cellars and Unforgettable Experiences!

Winery J & J Ostrožovič: King of Tokaj wines in Slovakia!

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The J&J Ostrožovič winery is a family business with a long tradition of growing vines and producing quality Tokaj wines. Jarek and Jaro Ostrožovič have been engaged in viticulture and winemaking in Tokaj since 1990, making them among the pioneers of modern winemaking in this important winegrowing region.

 Their philosophy is to produce wines "with heart" , with an emphasis on quality and unique terroir Tokaya . They manage 558 hectares of their own vineyards, where they grow Tokaj varieties Furmint , Lipovina and Yellow Muscat in a gentle way in harmony with nature. They process the grapes using the most modern technologies, including controlled fermentation, in order to achieve the best possible wine quality.

The Ostrožovič family were the first in Slovakia to bring to the market solo processed wines from Tokaj varieties produced by reductive technology . Their wines regularly win awards at domestic and international competitions. Three of their wines were even ranked among the 1000 best wines in the world . Thanks to their high and stable quality, they received the prestigious title of Winemaker Extraclass from the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Slovakia.