Revealed secrets of Tokaj vineyards!


Wine is born in the vineyard and real quality begins right here - in the heart of the beautiful Tokaj vineyards . The J&J Ostrožovič winery proudly manages 58 hectares of rare Tokaj vineyards, every bit of which is a story of traditional craftsmanship, modern technologies and love for nature.

Where are the Ostrožovič vineyards located? The Tokaj vineyards of the winery are spread over the best plots of the Slovak part of the Tokaj Vinohradnícká region - Vlčina , Chotár and Makovisko. Each of these hunts has its own unique character and contributes to the variety of tastes of Ostrožovič wines.

Integrated production - harmony with nature: Vineyards are cultivated with maximum respect for the environment. At the Ostrožovič winery, they practice integrated grape production, which means the exclusive use of ecologically and toxicologically acceptable methods. Thanks to this, they reduce the number of chemical treatments and fertilizing, thereby contributing to the health of the vineyards and the protection of nature.

Hon Makovisko – biotope of rare species: Hon Makovisko is not only a place of excellent harvest, but also a home for rare butterflies such as Pestron wolfberry and Okáň pear. These protected species add another dimension to the Tokaj vineyards and are a testament to the sincere efforts of the Ostrožovič winery for biodiversity.

History and future of Tokaj vineyards: Since the first planting in 2000, the Ostrožovič winery has been constantly expanding and improving its vineyards. Each subsequent year brought new plantings and with them new stories and wines, which the Ostrožovič brand proudly presents on the market.

Why buy Ostrožovič wines? Each bottle of wine from their vineyards is the result of meticulous work and care that they put into every step of production. From hand-picking grapes, through gentle processing, to careful aging in bottles. Ostrožovič wines are not only exceptional in quality, but also in a story that you can taste and feel with every sip.

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