Tokaj cuvée MYSTERIA, r. 2018, ice wine, 0.375 l

Discover the precious treasure hidden in the heart of Tokaj - the limited edition ice wine J&J Ostrožovič Tokaj cuvée MYSTERIA. Let yourself be carried away into the world of sensual pleasures and experience the unrepeatable taste of this unique wine. Created from perfectly ripe Furmint and Lipovina berries, harvested at temperatures below -7°C, it represents a true miracle of nature.

Imagine a glass filled with liquid gold that shimmers in the light. Bring your nose closer and let yourself be carried away by the intoxicating aroma of sweet raisins dipped in honey. At the first sip, you will be overwhelmed by an explosion of flavors - the concentrated sweetness of overripe grapes in perfect harmony with gentle acidity. Experience an unforgettable gourmet experience with every next sip of this precious juice.

Treat yourself to a pleasure you've never experienced before. Enjoy the feeling of being special with a glass of MYSTERIA ice wine. Let yourself be pampered by its velvety texture and long aftertaste of dried figs and raisins. This wine is like your secret weapon to enchant the senses and amaze your loved ones. Make every moment an unforgettable memory thanks to the perfection that MYSTERIA brings.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this rare gem. MYSTERIA ice wine is only available in limited quantities, so don't hesitate and order it today. Give yourself or your loved ones a gift that will surprise and excite them at the same time. Let yourself be drawn into the magical world of Tokaj wines and experience perfection in every drop. Click the "Buy" button and get your piece of the mysterious MYSTERY now!

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Category: Saturnia collection
Winery: J & J Ostrožovič
Variety: Furmint, Lipovina, Yellow Muscat
Color: Biele
Prívlastok: ľadové víno
Vintage: 2018
Alcohol: 7,84 %
Sugariness at harvest: 31 °NM
Natural residual sugar: 141 g/l
Acids: 6,90 g/l
Area: Tokaj , Slovenská republika
Vineyard: Makovisko
Bottle volume: 0,375 1
Tokaj cuvée MYSTERIA Kolekcia Saturnia ľadové víno r. 2018
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J&J Ostrožovič Tokaj cuvée MYSTERIA, r. 2018, ice wine , 0.375 l

Discover the magic of Tokaj ice wine with MYSTERIA cuvée from J&J Ostrožovič. This precious amber-gold nectar is a true treasure of the Tokaj land. Enjoy the perfect harmony of flavors and aromas, created thanks to carefully selected Furmint and Lipovina varieties, harvested at a temperature below -7°C.

The immediate pressing of frozen berries preserves the intense notes of sweet raisins soaked in honey in the wine. The rich and complex taste with a high residual sugar content (141 g/l) is balanced by fine acidity and a delicate aroma. Thanks to the slow maturation in the bottle, the high extract of overripe raisins and dried figs is combined in the wine, which creates an unforgettable taste experience.

MYSTERIA is truly unique among ice wines. Treat yourself to this exclusive pleasure that will appeal to all your senses. Whether you enjoy it alone or pair it with desserts, MYSTERIA will ensure exceptional moments full of grace and elegance.

Why choose J&J Ostrožovič Tokaj cuvée MYSTERIA:

  • Rare ice wine from first-class Tokaj varieties Furmint and Lipovina
  • Grapes harvested at a temperature below -7°C to preserve the intense taste and aroma
  • High residual sugar content (141 g/l) in perfect harmony with fine acidity
  • Gentle aroma of sweet raisins and honey thanks to immediate pressing of frozen berries
  • Unforgettable and complex taste with notes of overripe raisins and dried figs thanks to slow aging in the bottle


  • Cistercian seal (2019) gold medal
  • International wine competition San Francisco (2019) silver medal
  • Prague wine trophy (2019) gold medal
  • Biel Vinalia (2020) gold medal
  • Concours mondial de Bruxelles in China (2020) silver medal
  • MICHELANGELO International Wine Awards South Africa (2020) special award, best wine from Slovakia
  • Muvina (2020) CHAMPION
  • Prague wine trophy (2020) large gold medal
  • Vinalies Paris - France (2020) - gold medal
  • Viničné (2020) silver medal
  • Wine Snow Donovaly (2020) gold medal
  • AWC Vienna (2021) silver medal
  • Prague wine trophy (2021) premium gold medal
  • Vitis Aurea Blue (2022) gold medal
  • Biel Vinalia (2023) gold medal
  • Biel Vinalia (2024) gold medal
  • Viničné (2024) gold medal

Cistercian seal (2019) gold medal International wine competition San Francisco (2019) silver medal Prague wine trophy (2019) gold medal Biel Vinalia (2020) gold medal Concours mondial de Bruxelles in China (2020) silver medal MICHELANGELO International Wine Awards South Africa (2020) special award, best wine from Slovakia Muvina (2020) CHAMPION Prague wine trophy (2020) large gold medal Vinalies Paris - France (2020) - gold medal Viničné (2020) silver medal Wine Snow Donovaly (2020) gold medal AWC Vienna (2021) silver medal Prague wine trophy (2021) premium gold medal Vitis Aurea Blue (2022) gold medal Biel Vinalia (2023) gold medal Biel Vinalia (2024) gold medal Viničné (2024) gold medal


Order J&J Ostrožovič Tokaj cuvée MYSTERIA today and treat yourself or your loved ones to a unique gourmet experience in the form of this exclusive ice wine.


Discover Tokaj with J&J Ostrožovič: Wine, Cellars and Unforgettable Experiences!

Winery J & J Ostrožovič: King of Tokaj wines in Slovakia!

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The J&J Ostrožovič winery is a family business with a long tradition of growing vines and producing quality Tokaj wines. Jarek and Jaro Ostrožovič have been engaged in viticulture and winemaking in Tokaj since 1990, making them among the pioneers of modern winemaking in this important winegrowing region.

 Their philosophy is to produce wines "with heart" , with an emphasis on quality and unique terroir Tokaya . They manage 558 hectares of their own vineyards, where they grow Tokaj varieties Furmint , Lipovina and Yellow Muscat in a gentle way in harmony with nature. They process the grapes using the most modern technologies, including controlled fermentation, in order to achieve the best possible wine quality.

The Ostrožovič family were the first in Slovakia to bring to the market solo processed wines from Tokaj varieties produced by reductive technology . Their wines regularly win awards at domestic and international competitions. Three of their wines were even ranked among the 1000 best wines in the world . Thanks to their high and stable quality, they received the prestigious title of Winemaker Extraclass from the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Slovakia.