Tokaj selection essence, r. 1999, 0.5 l

Discover a rare treasure hidden in the heart of Slovak Tokaj - Tokaj selection essence from 1999 by J&J Ostrožovič. You cannot miss this unrepeatable experience! Only now you have a unique opportunity to get a limited edition bottle of this exceptional wine.

Imagine how you open a bottle of Tokajská selection essence and you are immediately enchanted by its rich amber-brown shade with an orange reflection. Bring your nose closer and you will smell the intoxicating aroma of dried raisins, figs and honeycombs, which intertwine with notes of candied fruit, orange peel and nut liqueur. Your senses are excited and you are eager to taste this nectar of the gods.

At the first sip, you will be overwhelmed by an explosion of flavors. Dried figs, raisins, dates, elegant pears , prunes, coffee beans and the intense flavor of high-quality dark chocolate dance on your tongue. Each subsequent sip reveals new layers and new pleasures. An extremely long aftertaste with notes of candied fruit and honeycombs is like a symphony that will accompany you long after you finish the last drop.

This unique taste experience deserves an exceptional presentation. That's why we will deliver this unique wine to you in a luxurious wooden packaging, which will underline its rarity and become an ornament of your collection or a great gift for a special person.

Do not hesitate and order your piece of this limited edition today. Treat yourself to an experience that you will never forget and that you can share with those closest to you. Tokaj selection essence J&J Ostrožovič from 1999 is more than wine - it is a journey to paradise for all your senses. Click "Buy" and in a few days this liquid treasure will be yours!

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Category: Tokaj classic wines
Winery: J & J Ostrožovič
Variety: Furmint, Lipovina, Yellow Muscat
Color: Biele
Prívlastok: tokajské víno
Vintage: 1999
Alcohol: 10,5 %
Sugariness at harvest: 22 °NM
Natural residual sugar: 187,20 g/l
Acids: 11 g/l
Area: Tokaj , Slovenská republika
Vineyard: Domik
Bottle volume: 0,5 l
Tokajská výberová esencia tokajské víno r. 1999
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J&J Ostrožovič Tokaj selection essence, r. 1999, 0.5 l

Tokaj selection essence J&J Ostrožovič from 1999 is a real gem among wines. This rare wine was created from hand-picked grapes that matured for many years in tuff cellars to achieve perfection.

The essence has a beautiful amber-brown color with enticing reflections. Its aroma is intoxicating and multi-layered - you will find notes of dried fruit, honeycombs and nut liqueur in it. The taste is even more intense than the smell. It will envelop your senses with the sweetness of raisins, figs and dates in combination with fine dark chocolate and coffee. The incredibly long aftertaste is in the spirit of candied fruit and honey.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience with this unique wine. Tokaj selection essence J&J Ostrožovič is ideal for special occasions or as a gift for true connoisseurs. Enjoy the perfect harmony of flavors and aromas that each sip hides.

Why choose Tokajska essence J&J Ostrožovič 1999:

  • Hand-picked cibebs from the best Tokaj vineyards
  • Long-term aging in tuff cellars to achieve perfection
  • Intoxicating multi-layered aroma of dried fruit, honey and nuts
  • Intense and concentrated taste with notes of raisins, chocolate and coffee
  • Extremely long and sensual aftertaste with candied fruit
  • A luxurious gift for lovers of Tokaj wines in an elegant wooden case
  • Rare limited edition archival wine for special moments

Order today and treat yourself or your loved ones to a unique gourmet experience with the unrepeatable essence of Tokaj.




  Treat yourself or your loved ones to the enjoyment of this unique drink , which contains the best of Slovak winemaking art and Tokaj nature. Experience perfection in a glass thanks to Tokaj selection essence, r. 1999.


Some interesting information about this phenomenon of Tokaj vineyards:


Tokaji selection essence (Tokaji aszú essence, sometimes popularly referred to as seven-putna) is produced by fermentation of cibeb soaked in must or Tokaj wine. The sugar content must exceed 180 g/l and the extract 45 g/l. The alcohol content is around 10-12%. It ages for 3 years, of which at least two are spent in a wooden barrel.

Tokaj selection essence goes on sale relatively rarely and at extremely high prices . Some sellers mistakenly classify it as Tokaj essence - nectar. However, it is so rare that it is practically impossible to meet it outside of specialized stores. Starting with the 2013 harvest, the Tokaj selection essence is no longer produced, and wines of this quality correspond to the highest category of selections, the so-called Aszu.

Tokaji essence (Tokaji eszencia), or nectar, is created by the natural fermentation of samotoku (juice that was pressed out of itself by its own weight). It is usually produced only in the best vintages. To create1 liter of essence, 3 tons of cibeb are needed,which corresponds to a harvest from 10 hectares. Due to the high sugar content, the fermentation is very slow and can take years (for a very concentrated singlet, it is about 1% alcohol per year). The essence usually contains over 400 g/l of residual sugar (up to 900 g/l is reported for the 2000 vintage), 45-60 g/l of extract and 4-6 percent alcohol. Aging takes at least three years, two of which are in wooden barrels. 

Mr. Stevenson - one of the greatest authorities in the world of wine about the Tokaj essence writes: "I was lucky enough to taste the pure essence in the state cellars of Tolcsva. It has been fermenting for 13 years and has reached a level of almost 12% alcohol, with 640 g/l of residual sugar, it flowed like oil, but it had an incredible aroma reminiscent of a blooming rose. It was intensely sweet, clean with a strong grape flavor."

The lifespan of essences is practically unlimited, hundreds of years are reported with proper storage.


Discover Tokaj with J&J Ostrožovič: Wine, Cellars and Unforgettable Experiences!

Winery J & J Ostrožovič: King of Tokaj wines in Slovakia!

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J Avatar of author | 15.5.2024
Tokajská výberová esencia, ročník 1999, sa ukázala ako skvelá voľba darčeka. Darček vzbudil naozaj pozitívny dojem. Obdarovaný bol spokojný a ja som mal dobrý pocit, že som vybral niečo kvalitné a štýlové.

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The J&J Ostrožovič winery is a family business with a long tradition of growing vines and producing quality Tokaj wines. Jarek and Jaro Ostrožovič have been engaged in viticulture and winemaking in Tokaj since 1990, making them among the pioneers of modern winemaking in this important winegrowing region.

 Their philosophy is to produce wines "with heart" , with an emphasis on quality and unique terroir Tokaya . They manage 558 hectares of their own vineyards, where they grow Tokaj varieties Furmint , Lipovina and Yellow Muscat in a gentle way in harmony with nature. They process the grapes using the most modern technologies, including controlled fermentation, in order to achieve the best possible wine quality.

The Ostrožovič family were the first in Slovakia to bring to the market solo processed wines from Tokaj varieties produced by reductive technology . Their wines regularly win awards at domestic and international competitions. Three of their wines were even ranked among the 1000 best wines in the world . Thanks to their high and stable quality, they received the prestigious title of Winemaker Extraclass from the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Slovakia.