Tokajský výber 5 putňový, r. 2007, 0,5 l

Are you looking for an exceptional wine that will amaze your senses and leave an unforgettable experience? We present to you a gem from our Tokaj region - J&J Ostrožovič Tokajský výber 5 putňový from 2007. This wine is a real gem among Tokaj wines and is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding wine lovers.

The Tokaj 5-putney selection from the J&J Ostrožovič winery is exceptional due to its characteristic expression of the so-called bread products. Thanks to the careful harvesting of grapes and precise processing in our cellars, a wine with a unique taste and aroma was created. At the first sip, you will feel the intense aromas of black coffee and dark chocolate, which gradually blend with the wonderful scent of roses. The finish is perfectly completed with a pleasant honey tail that evokes a feeling of harmony and satisfaction.

Imagine enjoying this gem in your glass. Each sip will bring you unrepeatable pleasure and transport you to a world full of pleasures. The Tokaj 5-way selection from 2007 is an ideal companion for special moments spent with loved ones or as a gift for someone you care about. With this wine you will experience unforgettable moments full of emotions and satisfaction.

Do not hesitate and treat yourself to this unique limited edition wine. A bottle of J&J Ostrožovič Tokajský výber 5 putňová from 2007 with a volume of 0.5 liters can be yours today. Order it now in our e-shop and we will deliver it directly to your door. Experience the excellence of Tokaj wines for yourself and enjoy the unique taste and aroma. Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve.

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Category: Tokaj classic wines
Winery: J & J Ostrožovič
Variety: Furmint, Lipovina, Yellow Muscat
Color: Biele
Prívlastok: tokajské víno
Vintage: 2007
Alcohol: 11,0 %
Sugariness at harvest: 23,5 °NM
Natural residual sugar: 131 g/l
Acids: 7,4 g/l
Area: Tokaj , Slovenská republika
Vineyard: Makovisko
Bottle volume: 0,5 l
Tokajský výber 5 putňový tokajské víno r. 2007
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J&J Ostrožovič Tokajský výber 5 putňový , r. 2007, 0.5 l

Discover the king of Tokaj wines - Tokajský výber 5 putňový from the J&J Ostrožovič winery. This exceptional wine is the embodiment of perfection and the harmony it brings, it truly brings only the best that Tokaj has to offer.

Already after smelling it, you will be enchanted by the complex aroma , in which the notes of black coffee, dark chocolate and the intoxicating aroma of roses intertwine. At the first sip, you will be impressed by the full and concentrated taste with a distinct Tokaj character , for which the name "chlebovinka" was adopted. The wine has a powerful yet extremely elegant effect , with a perfect balance of all components.

Tokajský výber 5 putňová from the year 2007 matured in tuff cellars , which gave it additional minerality and unique depth. Thanks to the long maturation, it has an incredibly velvety effect and reveals new layers of flavors and aromas with each subsequent sip. The delicious honey finish is literally the icing on the cake and underlines the exceptionality of this wine.

Treat yourself to an experience you won't easily forget. The Tokaj selection of 5 wines from the J&J Ostrožovič winery is a gem that deserves an exceptional opportunity. Give it to yourself or your loved ones and enjoy unforgettable moments with a glass of perfect wine.

Key benefits:

  • Wine from the prestigious winery J&J Ostrožovič, a pioneer of modern Tokaj wines
  • Tokaj selection from the excellent 2007 vintage, matured to perfection
  • A complex and multi-layered aroma and taste with a distinct Tokaian character
  • Velvet structure and perfect balance thanks to long maturation in tuff cellars
  • An exclusive experience worthy of a special occasion or as a gift for the discerning





 Treat yourself or your loved ones to the enjoyment of this unique drink , which contains the best of Slovak winemaking art and Tokaj nature. Experience perfection in a glass thanks to the Tokaj selection 5 putne from Ostrožovič!


Discover Tokaj with J&J Ostrožovič: Wine, Cellars and Unforgettable Experiences!

Winery J & J Ostrožovič: King of Tokaj wines in Slovakia!

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The J&J Ostrožovič winery is a family business with a long tradition of growing vines and producing quality Tokaj wines. Jarek and Jaro Ostrožovič have been engaged in viticulture and winemaking in Tokaj since 1990, making them among the pioneers of modern winemaking in this important winegrowing region.

 Their philosophy is to produce wines "with heart" , with an emphasis on quality and unique terroir Tokaya . They manage 558 hectares of their own vineyards, where they grow Tokaj varieties Furmint , Lipovina and Yellow Muscat in a gentle way in harmony with nature. They process the grapes using the most modern technologies, including controlled fermentation, in order to achieve the best possible wine quality.

The Ostrožovič family were the first in Slovakia to bring to the market solo processed wines from Tokaj varieties produced by reductive technology . Their wines regularly win awards at domestic and international competitions. Three of their wines were even ranked among the 1000 best wines in the world . Thanks to their high and stable quality, they received the prestigious title of Winemaker Extraclass from the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Slovakia.