Winery J & J Ostrožovič

Wine is born in the vineyard, matures in the cellar, but it comes primarily from the hearts of people who devote their time, energy and love to it. J & J Ostrožovič Tokaj wines have been the embodiment of this philosophy for almost three decades. In a picturesque corner of Slovakia, in the Vinohradnícká region of Tokaj, the wealth of nature is perfectly combined with the hard work of proud winemakers.

Winery J & J OstrožovičOstrožovič couple take care of 58 hectares of beautiful Tokaj vineyards with passion, love and determination , from which the grapes produce wines of the highest quality. In mysterious tuff cellars, their world-famous Tokaj selections , which regularly collect awards at competitions around the world, mature patiently . However, they also do not forget about lighter, fresher wines suitable for any occasion.

You can meet the results of their work in top restaurants, stylish bars or specialized wine shops . Here, on our website, we are happy to offer you the best of the Tokaj vineyards - carefully selected wines that will delight the senses and the soul.

Classic Tokaj wines such as Tokaj selections, original wines or essences form the basis of the portfolio. In addition to them, we also offer unique collections for discerning wine lovers:

Saturnia collection is named after a rare moth found in Tokaji . It presents selected wines such as Cijebový Furmint , raisin and apple Muscat, straw and ice wines - real jewels in the world of wines.

Collection Natural Sweet brings intense, sun-drenched honey wines from three Tokaj varieties grown on the world-famous Chotár Tokaj vineyard.

Special Collection is an exclusive collection of powerful, characterful wines with a fascinating story. Here you will find Tokaj varieties as well as selected " non-Tokaj ".

Abbrevio collection is a celebration of light, brisk, youthful wines from Furmint , Lipovina, Muscat yellow and rosé wines from Frankovka and Cabernet .

Solaris collection draws its inspiration from the sun-drenched Makovisko vineyard, where rare lizards bask on the tuff substrate. It offers wines of Tokaj varieties as well as Cabernet and Devín.

We cordially invite you to discover the uniqueness and charm of Tokaj wines . Choose from our offer, which will satisfy novice discoverers of this treasure as well as experienced connoisseurs . We believe that in wine you will find not only pleasure, but also a reflection of our enthusiasm, effort and love for this exceptional craft.